Meet Yoav Arbel. Here at the Harvard Rock Review, we are committed to bringing you new sounds and talents from all over, even—especially—as they’re making their first steps into the music scene.

Yoav is one such promising new artist. Running the gamut from Oasis-inspired ballads to Tame Impala-esque cheerful and catchy hymns, Arbel is using his multi-instrumental talents and silky voice to explore the wide range of contemporary indie pop-rock. Just listen to “Doesn’t Matter What” and try to resist humming it to yourself for the rest of the day.

Most of the songs deal with heartbreak, unrequited love and other unfortunate romantic experiences, but at times, he also falls out of love—and he’s happy to announce it.

Arbel also joins forces with other contemporary projects, including Dear Neighbors. We promised you powerful ballads. This one’s got a pretty sweet visual as well.

Arbel is originally a drummer, and it’s behind the kit where he seems the most comfortable. That’s surprising, given his emphasis on melodies in his writing, but he combines all the components masterfully. Alongside his brother, Uri—usually on piano—they manage to move between different styles in the genre. Most of Arbel’s compositions run short of three minutes, and some are less than two, but lately he’s been experimenting with longer rock ballad suites (yes, we got you a demo!).

And we’ll finish off with another melancholic ballad, this time much shorter, but straight to the point:

If you enjoyed Yoav Arbel’s exploration of love and heartbreak and his touching melodies, find out more on his bandcamp, and stay tuned for more songs to come soon.

Happy to hear your comments, and rock on!

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