During the summer in Italy, I heard a few songs almost every day in restaurants, from
hotel lobbies, or just outside on the beach, igniting my love for Italian music. By the end of the
summer, I was singing along to them with the rest of the Italians even if I still didn’t understand
all the words. Below are the catchiest songs to sing along to—some new, a couple old, and all
with a chorus that makes you want to join in, despite not knowing the words.

#1 “Occidentali’s Karma” – Franceso Gabbani

Actually a pointed critique of Western culture, the musically lighthearted Occidentali’s Karma
won Italy’s Sanremo music festival and went on to earn 6th place in Eurovision this year. I highly
suggest watching the music video simply for the dancing man in a gorilla suit.

#2 “Parlami D’amore” – Negramaro

Parlami D’amore is a solid rock tune to lift your spirits in the morning, and I can guarantee that
you’ll start singing along by the second chorus. A summer hit ten years ago, this song is still a
regular tune to hear walking down the street or at an Italian sagra.

#3 “Che Sia Benedetta” – Fiorella Mannoia

The runner-up in the Sanremo music festival, Che Sia Benedetta is a soulful song that sounds
like a ballad at the beginning and swells into a masterpiece, delivering through the end.

#4 “Gloria” – Umberto Tozzi

This timeless classic, though not quite a hit of the summer of 2017 (more like 40 years ago), was
a regular on the playlists I would hear walking down the street in Italy. Covered by Laura Branigan three years later, the song was revitalized for the English world, but the original
remains great.

#5 “L’Esercito del Selfie” – Takagi & Ketra ft. Lorenzo Fragola, Arisa

L’Esercito del Selfie is another catchy song that seems to be making a commentary on the
superficiality of society and our constant selfie-taking.

#6 “Tra le Granite e le Granate” – Francesco Gabbani

If nothing else, the na-na-na’s in this song will be running through your head for the rest of the

#7 “Pamplona” – Fabri Fibra ft. Thegiornalisti

Though largely a rap song, the chorus is what makes this piece memorable and will be repeating
in your mind for hours (or days) to come.

#8 “Ragazza Magica” – Jovanotti

An Italian love song full of many, many lyrics (to learn, in time), Ragazza Magica (Magic Girl) is a
work of art you could listen to on repeat and never tire of.

#9 “Voglio Ballare Con Te” – Baby K ft. Andrés Dvicio

A fusion of a Spanish beat and Italian lyrics, the collaboration between Italian rapper and singer
Baby K and Spanish singer Andrés Dvicio led to this catchy summer hit.

#10 “Riccione” – Thegiornalisti

This pop song just doesn’t get old. Warning: you might get the feels without even
understanding the song.

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